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      首頁 > 北京公寓資訊 > 項目動態 > 金隅環貿國際公寓榮獲“杰出服務式公寓-最佳居住體驗獎”


      來源:金隅環貿國際公寓租賃部 時間:09-28 15:08


      在2023年9月22日 《That's Beijing》 雜志舉辦的 “That’s 2023 Lifestyle Awards” 頒獎典禮上,金隅環貿國際公寓榮獲杰出服務式公寓-最佳居住體驗獎。這次獲獎不僅代表著客人對公寓服務品質的充分肯定,也激勵著我們不斷提升服務水平,給客戶營造一個更好更溫暖的家。

      At the "That's 2023 Lifestyle Awards" ceremony held by That's Beijing magazine on 22 September 2023, GTC Residence won the“Outstanding Serviced Apartment - Best Living Experience Award”. This award not only represents the full affirmation of the service quality of the apartment, but also inspires us to continuously improve the service level and provide a better and warmer home for our customers.



      “最佳服務式公寓-最佳居住體驗獎”是That’s Beijing雜志授予的公寓類最高榮譽,參選公寓均由來自世界各地的住客進行點評投票,經過層層考核篩選,最終脫穎而出。此次年度大獎評選不僅是對公寓整體水平做出的評價,更是對北京頂尖服務式公寓做出的積極反饋。

      "Outstanding Serviced Apartment- Best Living Experience" Award is the highest honour bestowed by That's Beijing Magazine in the serviced apartment category, where the participating serviced apartments are reviewed and voted on by residents from all over the world, and are selected after a thorough screening process. This annual award is not only an evaluation of the overall standard of the serviced apartments, but also a positive feedback on the top serviced apartments in Beijing.

      金隅環貿國際公寓 GTC Residence Beijing


      GTC Residence is an ideal home created by international senior business people and their elite families, demonstrate our commitment to quality service. It is located at the North Third Ring Road within the Global Trade Center, only 20-minute drive from Beijing Airport(PEK), with easy access to major areas such as CBD International Trade Circle, Embassy District, Shopping and Entertainment Center. This is a great location and ideal place to live. The 134 set of modern apartment, the elegance of the one-bedroom, the grace of the three-bedroom, and the duplex four-bedroom, all sitting in the city's prosperity and calmness. 

      公寓更配有近千平空中花園、3M 新風過濾系統、商務及購物班車服務、智能機器人、線上商城及AI 語音服務管家等,為住客提供了優質舒適便捷的居住體驗。

      The apartment is equipped with 10,000sqm green space and sky garden, 3M fresh air filtration system, shuttle bus service for business and shopping, Intelligent robot, online mall and AI voice service butler, etc., to provide guests with a high-quality,comfortable and convenient living environment.



      The apartment's featured “Yue Club “is a combination of indoor golf room, private movie room and piano room. It aims to create a personalized and comfortable place for residents and their families, offering a high quality of life with comfort and elegance.



      In addition to fully equipped entertainment facilities, we also regularly holds a variety of guest activities, committed to creating an international community and cultural atmosphere, to provide residents with a persified and comfortable living experience, which has won many praise from residents.


      It is an authoritative recognition and commendation of GTC's corporate culture, brand image, service quality and industry reputation that GTC Residence Beijing has come out on top in the highly influential hotel flat industry awards. On the occasion of receiving this award, GTC Residence Beijing would like to express our sincere gratitude for the efforts of our team, the support of our guests and the trust of our customers!

      Please feel free to contact us:

      金隅環貿國際公寓 GTC Residence Beijing


      36 North Third Ring Road East Dongcheng District, Beijing 100013, China